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Serene water view with rocks balancing on each other in the foreground

"Energy Medicine is about more than just healing yourself.  It's about teaching your body to adapt to modern life."  
- Donna Eden

A smiling Donna Eden the founder of The Eden Method

Your invitation to improved Health, Joy & Vitality!

Energy Medicine Book Cover by Donna Eden with David Feinstein PhD

Please contact Elizabeth to learn more about upcoming class offerings.

Introduction to Energy Medicine

Two Day Class:  $375

Empowering self-care tools to support your well-being!

Learn the basics of Energy Medicine in a fun, supportive environment

Join Elizabeth Caruana, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, for a joyful, gentle introduction to the world of Energy Medicine. Empower yourself to balance the flows of energy in your body for maximum healing and vitality.


Taught sequentially, Introduction to Energy Medicine and Introduction to Energy Medicine (Part 2) are each one-day classes that cover many of the key topics from Donna Eden's award-winning book, Energy Medicine. The information you gain from these two classes will help you feel and be your best.


What you will learn: 

Study the fundamentals of Energy Medicine in a supportive setting with an Eden Method Authorised Teacher.


Introduction to Energy Medicine includes:

  • Five-minute 'Daily Energy Routine'

  • Stress Management

  • Tools for Releasing Negative Emotions

  • How to stay Grounded and Centred

  • How to Remove Toxins using Reflex Points


Introduction to Energy Medicine (Part 2) includes:

  • How to work with the Auric Field

  • Learn to energy-test food, beverages and supplements

  • Energy approaches to Pain Management

  • Learn powerful energy balancing protocols to use with others

  • Lots of 'hands-on' and practice…


​What you will experience:

  • Friendly, group learning environment

  • Energy Testing and Self Testing with 'hands-on' practice

  • Feel the balancing effect of techniques on your body, mind and spirit


What you will take away:

  • Official Eden Energy Medicine Class Handout with all exercises

  • Invaluable knowledge about your energies & how to support them daily

  • Self-Care 'starter kit'

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