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A Christmas Gift to Calm your ‘Thor & Zena’ Energies

Calm Stress & Nurture Yourself in less than 5 Minutes

Stress is on the rise and we are impacted by stress in so many areas of our lives, especially at this time of the year. Both men and women are finding that these changes have significantly impacted their joy, vitality, and health.

But there's hope. Through energy healing techniques, such as those taught by The Eden Method, you can learn to manage and even thrive amidst these challenges.

Meet Your Inner 'Thor or Zena': AKA Triple Warmer Energy

In your energy body, there's a system called ‘Triple Warmer’ in the Eden Method. This energy system is responsible for your survival. It governs your ‘fight or flight’ response and the 'search and destroy' component of your immune system. I like to think of this energy as 'Thor or Zena', both a protector and warrior, commanding their troops to protect their world - your body!

This warrior energy is always on alert, scanning the environment and recruiting energy from meridians and other systems when it perceives a threat. For many people today this system is in overdrive.

Warrior Energy in Overdrive can Impact your Immune System

With the Triple Warmer energy in overdrive, it activates the stress response more than usual. When Triple Warmer perceives a threat, it recruits energy from the Spleen meridian first, which also governs the immune system. As a result, the increased 'stress hormones' in the blood system can lead to a depleted immune system.

Calming Your Inner Warrior': The 'OMG' Points Technique

A simple way to help calm down the Triple Warmer energy and take your inner warrior off alert is by holding points on the forehead, affectionately known as the 'OMG' points in the Eden Method.

By placing one hand over the forehead with very light pressure, and one hand at the back of the head level with the eyes, you can quickly support yourself or a loved one under stress.

Within about one to five minutes, this technique helps calm your nervous system, support clear thinking, and communicates with the primitive back brain that Triple Warmer governs. It replenishes oxygen, cerebrospinal fluid, and blood to the advanced thinking part of your brain, reducing feelings of panic and fear.

This simple yet powerful technique is a gift to someone under stress. There's no need for words, just hold these points, and know you are doing something incredibly supportive and healing. This hold can be used at any stressful time to build resilience to stress triggers. It's an empowering, potent, easy-to-learn Eden Method technique that is truly a gift that keeps giving.

When you start to respond to our stress in this way, rather than reaching for something external to ‘get you through’, you start to build resilience to the triggers of stress naturally. Energy work is such an empowering and nurturing way to handle these daily stress triggers and supports your health, vitality, and wellbeing!

Retrain your Brain for more Joy!

‘Tap In’ your Joy, Happiness, Gratitude, and Delight!

Whenever you experience a joyful or happy moment, deep gratitude, or delight, ‘tap it in’!

  • Tap between your eyebrows at the ‘Third Eye’ point

  • Tap for 15 to 30 seconds with one or two fingers.

This point is on the Bladder meridian. First it calms your nervous system, and then it retrains your nervous system for joy! Over time it will help you feel more joy, more often! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading, I wish you many blessings for this Christmas season and an abundance of health, vitality and wellbeing.

Love and Light



Much of this blog information is extracted from ‘Energy Medicine’ from the work world renowned healer, teacher and founder of The Eden Method ~ our beloved Donna Eden.

It also includes my own personal experiences and anecdotes and observations from clients and students as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Eden Method Teacher.


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