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Grounded Feet are Happy Feet

Updated: Feb 5

Appreciate your Amazing Feet

Our feet are highly developed structures and each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 tendons!  They not only carry the weight of our body so that we can walk, run, and play - they are amazing energetic structures!

A Vortex of Nourishing Energy Swirls Under Each of your Feet

At the bottom of each foot is a vortex of energy that draws up nourishing energies from the Earth.  This vortex of energy should flow like a strong current into the Kidney 1 point on the ball of the foot, and into the sole of each foot to support health, vitality, and wellbeing.

Kidney 1 (K1) - Wellspring of Life or Bubbling Spring Point

This is the first point on Kidney Meridian and the only point on the bottom of the feet.  It is the lowest and most yin part of the body and is in continual contact with the yin energy of the Earth.  It is the main point where the vortex of yin energy flows into the body from the Earth.  It can be used to calm the spirit and help with insomnia, along with many other benefits.

When the energy in this point is not flowing well, it can impact not only the flow of nourishing Yin energies from the Earth, but also impact other meridians and systems.  The healthy flow of energy through our meridian system is as critical as the healthy flow of blood through our veins.

Energy can get Stuck in Your Feet

When the energy in your feet is not flowing well, especially through K1 and between the metatarsal bones, it can result in physical pain and can also impact the free flow of energy throughout your meridian system.

It can impact your ability to ground and affect the body’s natural polarity.  You can learn more about how important it is to stay grounded on a daily basis in the recent podcast episode ‘Well Grounded Well Beings’.

A Simple Bedtime Ritual to Support Grounding and Sleep

What you will need:

1 - A Bowl of warm water or take a warm bath

  • Soaking your feet in warm water for 15 mins before bed is a wonderful way to encourage a nourishing sleep

  • Dry your feet well and get comfortable

2 - Your hands & your feet K1 is a very grounding point and can be used to help encourage sleep.

  • Massage the K1 Point for about 30 seconds (see image below)

  • With some pressure, massage between each of the metatarsal bones (along the blue lines below) - it may be very tender if you have stuck energy in this area.

3 - A Stainless-Steel spoon

  • Finish by ‘spooning’ the soles of your feet with the curved side of a stainless-steel spoon.  

  • This supports your grounding and polarity which also encourages sleep.

I hope you enjoy these simple techniques to support your brilliantly designed feet! If you would like to find out more you can listen to episode 5 'A Well Grounded Well Being' on my podcast 'Energetic Well Beings'


Much of this blog information is found in the book ‘Energy Medicine’ from the work of world renowned healer, teacher and founder of The Eden Method ~ our beloved Donna Eden.  

It also includes my own personal experiences, research, anecdotes and observations from clients and students, as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Eden Method Teacher.


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