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Becoming a More Compassionate Well Being

Did you know that there are four ‘Energetic Stress Styles’ and that we revert to one of the four under stress?

We are all unique in the way we process and make sense of our world, especially when under relationship stress with a significant other.  

How understanding this work has changed my relationships

This has made a huge impact on my understanding of my family, friends, and colleagues.  In the podcast episode ‘Becoming a more Compassionate Well Being’ I talked about how understanding this information has supported my personal relationships, especially with my beautiful husband of over 42 years!

The following information has been sourced from the book ‘The Energies of Love - Keys to a fulfilling partnership’ by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. 

The Four “Energetic Stress Styles”

The four ‘Energetic Stress Styles’ are:

  • Visual

  • Tonal

  • Kinesthetic

  • Digital

The following is a brief description of each of the styles strengths, and when in conflict, especially with a significant other, how they can respond under stress.

Do you resonate with the VISUAL Energetic Stress Style?

“VISUALS are extremely passionate and inspire others to care about the things they care about, but in moments of conflict, their take on the situation can overshadow what is actually occurring, undermining their ability to empathize with their partner.”

Do you resonate with the KINESTHETIC Energetic Stress Style?

“KINESTHETICS are generous, compassionate, and accepting of other people, but their caring nature pulls them in too many directions.  They try to meet others’ needs at the expense of their own, which can cause mounting resentment.”

Do you resonate with the DIGITAL Energetic Stress Style?

“DIGITALS are rational and principled and have a gift for quickly understanding complex situations, but they can become closed to others’ perspectives and feelings.”

Do you resonate with the TONAL Energetic Stress Style?

“TONALS have a gift for understanding others and their dilemmas, but during moments of conflict, their ability to read between the lines can morph into hearing what was never said, felt, or thought.”

Would you like to learn more?

If your interest is piqued by this brief summary, or you want to learn more about supporting your relationships from a completely new stance, I highly recommend Donna and David’s book ‘ The Energies of Love’.

It is a rich deep-dive into using Energy Medicine tools and techniques to ‘Keep Your Relationship Thriving’ with practical exercises to support you in the moment of conflict, and tools to help you navigate through relationship conflict that support deep and open communication.

Just another aspect of my life that has been supported on my journey through the Eden Method Certification Program!


Much of this blog information is extracted from ‘The Energies of Love’ book by Donna Eden and David Feinstein.  

It also includes my own personal experiences and anecdotes and observations from clients and students as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Eden Method Teacher.


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