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The Beauty of What You Do

Where will you be in 5 years from now?

I started writing this blog by reflecting on this question for myself.  From my mid teens I have always had questions about the big picture and my place in it.  I have read so many self-help books that I am not sure who to credit with my understanding of the power of change. 

I knew, believed, and experienced that if I didn’t change anything in my life, I would be in the same situation five years down the track.  

I had a loving family life, our two boys were now adults, my husband and I started to travel with our amazing friends, and I was a positive and happy person - but I never found as the  Greeks say ‘my kefi’ which roughly translates to passion, joy, exuberance, euphoria for my purpose in this lifetime. 

This really motivated me to dream big, learn lots, fall down, get back up quite a few times, while searching for that missing piece - my life’s work and passion - and in 2012 I found the key - Donna Eden and her amazing, healing and empowering modality - The Eden Method.  

2012 A Pivotal Point in the Trajectory of my Life

When I first came across Donna Eden, her radiance and authenticity spoke to me at a very deep level.  I knew in my heart there was something for me in this work and I had no idea of how, when, or where it would happen - I just knew I had to begin and take the first step.

I emailed Innersource and they replied that they had no plans to bring Level 1 to Australia, and from the intentions of many people also seeking this same path, I sat in class with 13 other like-minded souls in 2013.  

I wish to openly thank Julie Lappin, a senior faculty member, who had the pioneer spirit and was the first teacher to bring Level 1: Fundamentals (back then it was called Foundations) to Australia. I am forever grateful to you Julie!

An Adventure in Change 

If you ask my friends, they will confirm my mantra is ‘never say never’ and to trust in the power of your beliefs, and get so excited about your future plans, even when they don’t seem possible.  

From 2014 - 2019  I made 10 trips to the USA to complete Level 3, Level 4, and two levels of Eden Method Teacher Training while working full-time to fund my passion.

The techniques I learned in Level 1: Fundamentals really supported my journey in overcoming my fears and feelings of vulnerability, and gave me the vitality to complete my studies and training while working full-time in IT as a Project Manager and Team Leader.

From 2021 until now, I have been happily teaching Level 1: Fundamentals on the Gold Coast.  Last year I was approached by Innersource to establish an Australian Region so that Level 2 can also be completed in Australia.  We are currently in the planning stages with the intention of running Level 2 in Australia in 2025.

Donna Eden’s healing, world renowned work is truly ‘the gift that keeps giving’ and we begin this life-giving year again in just over 8 weeks on the 4th April.

I would love to welcome you to Level 1: Fundamentals this year to begin your own life-giving, and empowering journey.

So, tell me. Where will you be in 5 years?  

‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do’ ~ Rumi

with love & Light, Liz


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