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Making Time for Self-Care

Creative Ways to Incorporate a Self-Care Routine

Leading a very busy life when I was working full-time as an IT Project Manager and Team Leader, studying the Eden Method to follow my passion, a wife, mother, friend and colleague, and travelling to the USA 10 times to complete my study - I had to get really creative with utilising my time.  

My daily energy work increased as I moved through the Eden Method Certification Program and it really gave me my wings - i.e. the vitality, the clarity, the health, the mental capacity, the wellbeing, and so much more to support me in following my passion to be able to share this work in Australia as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Eden Method Teacher.

Just 5 to 7 Minutes Twice Per Day

You are so worth spending 10 - 15 minutes per day on your health, vitality, and wellbeing.  I think everyone would agree that even the busiest person could achieve this - but often we don’t seem to find the time.  I have just recorded a podcast episode 'Your Guide to Sacred Self-Care for Enhanced Health & Vitality' that may shine some light on how energy techniques can support the many facets of ‘wellbeing’.

The Daily Energy Routine supports all of the nine energy systems we work with in the Eden Method.  Not only that it is a reset of your energies as we move through our day in the challenging world we live in today including:

  • Physical Stress

  • Emotional Stress

  • Environmental Stress

  • Financial Stress

Enhancing the Potency of your energy techniques and building new patterns and resiliency in your systems happens when we can do the technique in the moment that stress occurs.  This helps your energy system to rebalance in the moment with a simple technique, and really supports building resilience to the triggers of stress as you move throughout your day.

While Waiting

There are many techniques that you can do while you are waiting for things - it depends on your willingness to put your health and wellbeing before looking like the ‘crazy lady’ and there are also many discreet exercises that you can do while waiting.

You can adapt the exercises to fit your situation!

Waiting:  Standing in a Queue or Seated

These are just a few:

  • Post office

  • Bank

  • Check-Out

  • Appointments

  • For things to boil / cook

Quick and Simple Techniques I use:

  • Hook-Up

  • Triple Warmer Smoothie

  • Triple Warmer Spleen Hug - so easy and simple - no one would know!

  • Fear Tap - especially the Dentist!

  • Four Thumps

  • Crossover Shoulder Pull

  • Massage your hands and fingers

  • Massage K27

Travelling - even from your Desk to the Bathroom

You can often do these inconspicuously if you need to because of your environment.  You can do energy work as a passenger in a car, train, or plane!

  • Four Thumps

  • Massage and/or thump K27

  • Crown Pull

  • Zip-up & Hook-up

  • TW/Spleen Hug

  • Neurolymphatic Reflex Points

  • Neurovascular Points

  • The whole DER on a plane - trust me it is possible!

Bio Breaks

You can do most of your DER in a bathroom cubicle - trust me! In my challenging world at the time, I have to admit the bathroom cubicle was my friend when I needed to calm and reset my energies - it was a game changer.  Why?  Because the potency increases when you are able to do the exercises in-the-moment you need it, or as soon as you can after a difficult period in your day.

  • Four Thumps

  • Over Shoulder Crossover Pull

  • Open Hand Gaits

  • Triple Warmer Smoothie

  • Neurovascular Points

  • Zip-up & Hook-up

  • Great for working neurolymphatic reflex points

  • Tracing meridians

  • Tracing Radiant Circuits

  • Flushing meridians

While your hands are in the Hand Dryer - no one will hear you!

  • Darth Vader Breath

  • Expelling the Venom - you can just do the ‘sssshhhhhh’ sound

  • Then Zip up with a positive affirmation eg ‘I am calm and confident’

You can really get Loud and it feels so good when you need to release stress, overwhelm, or the energy of a negative person you have just had to sit with for an hour! 

At Your Workplace

  • Stretch in every direction with hands interlaced above your head

  • Celtic Weave

  • Crown Pull

  • Clear your hand gaits

  • Hook-up & Zip-up

  • Wayne Cook Posture

  • Connecting Heaven and Earth

  • The DER in a bio-break - again trust me!

Adding to Existing Habits

I have mentioned this great book before - Atomic Habits by James Clear and two of his suggestions for establishing new habits are:

  • Make the new habit simple and easy to do and less than 2 minutes

  • Add the new habit to an existing habit you already have established

Think of the existing habits you already have embodied such as brushing your teeth.  You can add ‘spooning your feet’ every time you brush your teeth.

Make it easy for yourself i.e. leave a stainless steel spoon in the area where you brush your teeth.  Or if you put hand cream on just before bed, leave your spoon next to your hand cream.  It really works!

These are just a few of the ways in which you can incorporate these simple, yet potent energy tools and techniques into your busy day.

What will you try the next time you are in one of these situations?

With love & Light, Liz


Much of this blog information is extracted from ‘Energy Medicine’ from the work world renowned healer, teacher and founder of The Eden Method ~ our beloved Donna Eden.  

It also includes my own personal experiences and anecdotes and observations from clients and students as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Eden Method Teacher.


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