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Move from Fear & Panic into Cool, Calm & Capable in Minutes

Disclaimer:  If you are experiencing a major traumatic event, please consult your medical practitioner or psychologist.  This technique does not replace professional medical services.


We do so many things naturally that are good for our energies and I am sure holding the main NVHP or OMG points have been held throughout the ages.

In the 1930s Dr Terrence Bennet did research on these points and they became known as the ‘Bennet’ points. He studied the effect of holding these points lightly and the improvement in circulation of blood and fluids throughout the body, and especially to the organs.

They are used in Kinesiology and other Energy Medicine modalities and I was introduced to these points as the Neurovascular Holding Points in my Level 1: Fundamentals class.

What does holding these points do?

Donna sees that when we hold the main NVHP or OMG points they positively impact every system in the body!  A great starting point as our hands are electromagnetic and help to draw the blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and oxygen, back up to the forebrain and bathe the brain in these nutrients.

It also calms the nervous system and the big one here is it helps dissipate the emotional response to stress.

By holding these points regularly, we build resilience to the triggers of stress and we can move more easily, or not even be triggered by daily stressors over time, from panic and anxiety to cool, calm, and capable. I use the word capable deliberately because we often are not capable of even thinking straight under stress, let alone make good decisions or remember the simplest things at times.

I remember one of our teachers who had a house fire running down to save her beloved computer, but she couldn’t get far and it wouldn’t move, she was in such stress that she couldn’t think to pull the plugs out first - she just grabbed it and tried to get out.

When to Use Them

You can use these points in three ways:

  1. In the moment of stress - we do this naturally at times, this is why they are lovingly referred to as the OMG points. Have you ever seen people in the moment of stress place their hands over their forehead or have one hand on their forehead and the other on their heart?

  2. If you can’t use them in the moment, as soon as you can, hold these points and bring the event, conversation, or issue into mind.  It is important to bring the stress of this into your body while you are holding these points. This is when it can start to dissipate the stressful response and calm the nervous system, along with all the other good things it initiates.

  3. You can also bring to mind a past or future event, or thought, or fear to use while you hold these points. They really are so potent and so simple to use!

The Location of these Magical Stress Relieving Points

The main neurovascular points are located very conveniently on our forehead! In line with the pupils about 2.5 cm above our eyebrows

If you have two bumps in this area that is where you will find them - on the ‘Frontal Eminences’ but don’t worry if you don’t have the bumps -the points will still be there!

The other points we will use in this technique are the points for Fear and Panic/Anxiety.

To cover these two points, simply place the palm of your other hand on the back of your head in line with your eyebrows and eyes - just align so your hand is covering these and you will be fine.

We tend to cycle between fear, panic, and anxiety during stress so these are great ones to go to and easy to learn.

In Level 1: Fundamentals we show students how to use these in a more granular way and identify the associated emotions with each of the points to really target a specific emotion.

The Simple Technique to Calm and Reprogram your Triggers to Stress

The pressure is very light - I call it a ‘butterfly touch’ because NVHP respond to very light pressure.

  1. Place one hand on your forehead and your other hand on the back of your head behind your eyebrows and eyes, like the images above.

  2. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth 

  3. Normally when you are in the moment, you don’t need to recall the stress as you are in the middle of it - which is when this technique is great to do!

  4. If you are doing this technique after the event, firstly bring the event to mind while holding these points, and hold the stressful event or situation in your being as long as you can, recalling all the details.

  5. Hold for 3 to 5 minutes or longer - what will happen is that you will notice that it is difficult to bring the stress to mind after a while.

  6. Repeat as needed until you no longer feel strong stress emotions when you recall the situation.

I encourage you to try this simple technique the next time you are in stress to empower yourself with an in-the-moment technique to help you go from panic and fear and move towards cool, calm, and capable the moment stress impacts your day.


Much of this blog information is extracted from ‘Energy Medicine’ from the work world renowned healer, teacher and founder of The Eden Method ~ our beloved Donna Eden.  

It also includes my own personal experiences and anecdotes and observations from clients and students as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Eden Method Teacher.


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